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Violence in the workplace is a chief concern amongst current and prospective employees. Mass casualty incidents continue to climb year over year, perpetrated by disgruntled employees, irate customers and domestic partners. However, there are effective programs to lessen this organizational risk that can be implemented through conduct policies, training, communications and learning the warning signs of impending violence so that you can take action before an incident occurs. Employers now have a duty to maintain a secure working environment for their talent which includes workplace violence prevention programs.


Large gatherings of people are now considered attractive “soft targets” by criminals, terrorists and extreme social activists. Outdoor events are particularly vulnerable to actors with malicious intentions and large groups of people can present not only security challenges but medical and emergency response obligations as well. Beginning in the early stages, security planning can actually facilitate the smooth execution of a large event while ensuring the safety of attendees and minimizing the risk of an adverse incident.


Small and large businesses alike have a duty of care to their employees which involves reasonable steps to ensure their safety at work and while on business travel. Aside from employers wanting to protect their most valuable assets, protection from legal liability should also be an important consideration for the organization. A written security plan and supporting policies is the first line of defense for an organization, regardless of size.


History has shown that the response to a crisis by a business can be a defining moment. If the company is ill prepared to effectively respond and communicate  the effect can be the erosion of confidence, creation of negative public sentiment and the invitation of civil litigation. Conversely, companies who have a crisis management plan and structure in place are able to demonstrate strength, resilience and preparedness of the company’s leadership. Effective crisis management during an incident can only be achieved through training, practice and discipline however it presents an opportunity for the organization to actually build internal and external support and in many cases emerge from the crisis in a stronger position.


Disgruntled employees, hostile customers or online followers, extreme activists, domestic disputes can all pose potential threats to your business and workforce. Understanding the difference between those who make a threat vs. those who pose a threat is an important capability and a specialized discipline. Individuals who commit acts of targeted violence do not just “snap” but rather travel down a pathway or series of stages that usually begin with a specific grievance. Having the ability to evaluate oral, written and personal threats in a structured process and create a plan to ensure the safety of employees is paramount to reduce the risk of violence. This same paradigm is applicable to social media and online content sharing platforms.


Organizations usually do a good job of managing the security risks they know about, but what about those they don’t? It’s usually the latent risks that do not reveal themselves until it’s too late that are the most problematic and disruptive. A systematic and objective review of an organization’s security program will reveal both strong and weak points so that resources can be accurately allocated. Many times, it’s not expensive physical security measures that may be needed but rather an adjustment in access control, due diligence, internal controls and employee screening processes that result in a measurable reduction in risk.


When it comes to families who are visible due to wealth, fame or involvement in social causes, security takes on a new meaning. Being able to discreetly tailor a risk mitigation and executive protection program that protects the family without being disruptive or attracting unnecessary attention is an art form that requires experience and innovation. Understanding the family’s lifestyle and preferences is a critical prerequisite to ensuring a security program that balances cost, privacy and convenience.


Travel to all parts of the world is now more common than ever for business, recreation and personal enrichment. Educational trips for families, adventure expeditions, mission trips and business development journeys to austere environments require pre-trip planning and in some cases in country advance work or accompaniment. Proper selection of hotels, transportation, medical providers and understanding the true threat environment affords peace of mind and the ability to focus on your trip goals-business or pleasure.


Individuals and businesses alike need to prepare for the multitudes of hazards that can suddenly appear without warning. Weather, fire, or an active shooter event that turns your workplace into a “no access” crime scene for days can cause paralysis and an outsized disruption to your business operations if you’ve not planned and prepared. Knowing in advance what functions are critical and where your interdependencies lie is a key first step in identifying alternative ways to keep your business going, often without reliance on customary technologies. Business continuity planning is not just an internal best practice or exercise-use it as a criteria to evaluate potential business partners and critical suppliers that you depend on.



Training and awareness is the key to avoiding trouble and making the right decisions once you find yourself in the middle of an unfolding incident. Being “situationally aware” of what’s going on around you as is a learned skill that is applicable to home, work, school, shopping and places of worship. Recognizing a dangerous situation and quickly moving to the proper response action can often mean the difference between a “near miss” and an actual incident Do you know the early warning signs of predatory behavior? How to avoid and survive a kidnapping? Specifically tailored training to your needs is readily available to give you the confidence and skill to navigate extraordinary challenges.