What Should Organizations Be Thinking About During the Pandemic?

While the link below takes you to a recent article I collaborated with and was posted by Suzanne Smith of Social Impact Architects, the points made are applicable to a far wider range of interests and organizations. As we see light at the end of the tunnel and the business world re-start its engines, the duty of care has never been higher for organizations. This means that legal exposure and potential liability is greater for those organizations that do not comply with reasonable disease prevention and mitigation measures. Security should now be more closely supporting the safety & health program with many of its traditional roles taking on heightened significance such as access control and workplace violence prevention.

The last several weeks should've provided an opportunity for organization leaders to critically assess their emergency preparedness and continuity plans. Some things worked well, and some not so well. No doubt some shocks and disappointments from your vendors, and suppliers along the way as well. So resolve to improve your planning efforts and build in greater resiliency, both personally and professionally. Due to globalization and past near misses such as H1N1, H5N1, SARS, MERS, etc. pandemics should not be considered as "Black Swans".

And one last thing, while we have all faced COVID 19 together, we have all NOT had the same experience. This has big implications for leaders and organizations which depend on their people.

Here's the link to the article referenced above for more thoughts about security and safety considerations during the pandemic:

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