A few examples of recent projects

1. Helping small and midsize businesses navigate the COVID 19 crisis     

    management activities, incl. employee communications, preparations for

    reductions in force, enhanced physical security at facilities and increased

    training to prevent workplace violence. Lessons learned coming next.

2. Participating in a team project to evaluate and implement a new security    

    program at an exclusive retail shopping complex.
3. Conducted a comprehensive security & risk assessment for a high net worth 

    family and portfolio of businesses. Now changing the corporate culture to          prioritize prevention and risk management.
4. Resolved a stalking & harassment case plaguing a non profit organization. 
5. Designed an enterprise wide workplace violence prevention program for a 

    mid sized service organization.
6. Developed and wrote a security policy for an international energy company

    operating in an elevated threat environment.
7. Developed a training course for an executive protection team on protective

    advance work and detail operations.
8. Assisting a private equity group with due diligence on potential international

    clients from lesser developed countries.
9. Collaborating with former US Special Forces members on highly technical

    training programs.

10. Representing a high profile celebrity in an unusual stalking and threat   

    assessment case.

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